About Us

Picture your child happy…Picture your child confident. Picture your child surrounded by smiles, laughter and love. Picture your child with friends, making friends, friends who share the same passion as your child. Picture your child with a purpose, belonging to something special, something almost as special as he or she. Picture your child loved and recognized, admired and respected. And then picture your child grown with a remarkable spirit, an undeniable drive, a great work ethic and the ability to overcome challenges, diversity, disappointments. Picture your child strong and courageous with an identity and a life of their own. And then picture your child sharing and teaching and passing on all of these qualities learned from a dance class onto others who are just as excited as he or she was. Picture your child accomplished. Picture your child poised…Picture your child happy.

The Turning Pointe Dance Centre has been making kids happy for over 25 years. We take pride not only in the steps we teach our students, but also in the people we help to create along the way. We are dance educators. Dance is our profession. Education is our life.

Faculty of Dance Educators

Jeneane Blence
Laura Cozzens
Mary DiGiorgio
Clyde Evans, Director of Chosen Dance Company
Megan Ferrese
Mariel Velez Meyer

Office Staff

Greta Barnes
Barbara Diezel
Mariel Velez Meyer