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An Apple a Day...
NEW 8 Week Ballet/Tap Class for Tots!

For our students at The Turning Pointe, dance has been like our “APPLE A DAY.” Keeping us healthy, happy and connected, dance has given us an outlet. It gives us a reason to laugh and smile and move our bodies, all while connecting with others.

While we are in the middle of our regular dance season, we feel the need, more now than ever, to invite new dancers in to offer an 8-week class for tots, ages 3-6.

Ballet & Tap on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00
Starting March 29

Class space is limited.
Class attire for girls is pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes and white tap shoes.
Class attire for boys is white t, black sweatpants, black ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

The Turning Pointe is slowly rolling out “mask optional” starting with our senior students.
If all goes well, next will be our junior students, and lastly our tots.
Thank you for your understanding, as we are proceeding with caution.

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