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changing the world one step at a time

Miss Jeneane

head dance educator

Jeneane Blence founded The Turning Pointe Dance Centre in 1992. She has equal responsibility of raising her two sons, Cole and Connor, and running the dance studio. She claims that running the dance studio is the easier of the two! Miss Jeneane started dancing at the age of 9 and with the exception of a serious car accident at the age of 19, dance has been the one constant in her life. While recovering from the car accident, she was told that she would never dance again. A few years later she opened TPDC and has been dancing ever since. It was then a turning point in her life and hopes that it will as well have that positive of an impact on every dancer that learns to dance in her studio. Touching each student through dance teaches so much more and Miss Jeneane takes pride in her responsibility as a dance educator. The power of positive is real!

Miss Mom

office manager

Barbara Diezel (aka Miss Mom) is the proud parent of Miss Jeneane. Proud grandmom of Cole and Connor.  Her title at the studio is Office Manager but she wears many hats. Along with taking care of the many office responsibilities she also sews, cleans and fixes almost anything. She is a people greeter, ticket seller,  program setter and steady dance watcher. The kids will say "Can Miss Mom watch?" She is a favorite amongst the parents and kids at The Turning Pointe and considers all to be her extended family . When her boss gives her time off, she can be seen sitting at the ballfield.

Shout out to Mr Dad for all the years of recital ticket collections. He is the real Dancing Dad!

Miss Laura

dance educator

Miss Laura Coakley has a deep passion for dancing and has been dancing with Miss Jeneane and The Turning Pointe since the age of five! She is a certified elementary and special education teacher. She states that the love of teaching started with teaching dance. She has been teaching at the dance studio since the age of 13! Her life has changed a bit since then! Now she is married to Steve and a mother to Conor and Liam. The Turning Pointe has always been a family affair for Miss Laura with her dad Larry dancing with the Dancing Dads from the very beginning and her husband Steve joining at times too. She can't wait to get Conor and Liam dancing as well! 

Mr Clyde

Master Hip Hop Dance Instructor
and Dance Educator

Clyde Evans, Jr. is a master Hip Hop dance instructor who has traveled the world as a lead dancer in a professional Hip Hop touring ensemble. Visiting places in his career, like France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Africa and Brazil. Performing for Hollywood stars like Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, Morgan Freeman, Susan Sarandon, Bruce Willis, Robert Redford and others, has been meaningful. Mr. Clyde, however, resolved to form his own touring company in 2002 to present Hip Hop in a family friendly way. This decision allowed him to be featured on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance," perform in NFL commercials, on BET, McDonald's, Johnson & Johnson, and at the X-Games, to list a few.

Teaching Hip Hop locally in Chester and Montgomery County and at Drexel University has meant a lot to Clyde as it supports his efforts in raising his family. He looks forward to the day when Hip Hop is regarded and recognized by most as more than just a fad.

Mr Clyde is currently working on putting on events to bring communities closer to one another and is also raising support for a main stage play about his life.

Miss Megan

dance educator

Miss Megan Ferrese comes from a dancing family! Her grandmother, mother and sister were all dancers too! Growing up Megan danced at the Berkshire Dance Theatre in Adams, MA. She started at just three years old and has not stopped since! One of her favorite dance memories is performing the Nutcracker with the Albany Berkshire Ballet, doing schoolwork on a bus while travelling all over New England and Upstate New York. In college she became a nanny for 2 little girls in Devon, PA and one of her “jobs” was to bring them to dance class….at The Turning Pointe. So, she decided to sign up for ballet class with Miss Jeneane. Soon after, Miss Jeneane asked if she wanted to teach, and that was 21 years ago!! By day Miss Megan is a Budget Analyst at Chester County Intermediate Unit. She lives in Downingtown with her husband, Mr. Brian and two teenage sons, Brady and Carter, who have all been on The Turning Pointe recital stage, too. They prefer to help backstage more than being in the spotlight!

Miss Mariel

dance educator

Miss Mariel Meyer has been with The Turning Pointe for over 20 years. By day, she works in a healthcare business office; by night, she fuels her passion for dance and teaching. In between, she and her husband, Ryan, raise two rambunctious kids, Cayden and Ella. She approaches dance from a structured and methodical perspective, along with a major dose of fun and silliness. She believes in teaching the whole dancer with lessons that last a lifetime, both in and out of the dance studio.